Watu Kodok Beach Gunungkidul, exotic and charming for next destination

Watu Kodok Beach Gunungkidul, exotic and charming for next destination

This beach is named as Watu Kodok Beach because there are two rocks that look like frogs which means frogs. The rock is located on the west and east sides of Watu Kodok Beach. The frog-shaped rock that became the icon of this beach. This beach is very wide for you to play white sand on the beach and the waves on this beach are also as dangerous as other beaches, but still allowed to play on this beach. Along the beach there are also a lot of spruce shrubs and sea pandanus plants that you can use to take shelter and rest.

Watu Kodok Beach Gunungkidul, exotic and charming for next destination

Although this beach is relatively new, it has been visited by quite a lot of people so that there are certainly many changes that have occurred since it was opened until now. You do not need to worry about the condition of the beach, because there are already adequate facilities and cleanliness.

At Watu Kodok Beach there are also beautiful photo spots. For those of you who really like hunting obye tour photos, this is perfect for capturing to social media. In addition there are photo spots on Watu Kodok Beach there is also an area for camping. Overnight at this beach while enjoying the atmosphere of a cool and refreshing night. If you want to spend the night at Watu Kodok Beach, don't worry because on this beach there is security just in case.

Watu Kodok Beach Gunungkidul, exotic and charming for next destination

For those of you who want to spend the night at Watu Kodok Beach, you can spend the night by setting up tents on the beach, enjoying the night atmosphere that is more integrated with Nature will certainly be a more memorable personal experience. You do not need to worry about your security when you side by side, because there are residents who are tasked with maintaining the safety of visitors camping by surrounding the camping area.

The most effective route to this beach can you start from the path of the city of Yogyakarta, you can start by heading towards Wonosari, then you can follow the route towards the Baron Beach. after entering the Baron Beach gate, then turn right, heading towards Indrayanti Beach. from there, there is a sign board to go to Watu Kodok Beach.


This beach is located in Kelor Kidul, Kemadang, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55881.

Quiter than the other beaches in the area, clean white sand, clear water Around 2pm when the water is low, the seaweed-covered corals are just stunning and it kind of creates a small pool where kids can play in, and see some small fish and crabs. Just don't try to swim in the open sea and watch the kids all the time. Also, leave the fish and other sea creatures you might see where they are. Parkings are spacious, bathrooms are unfortunately not the cleanest I've been to. Better to carry your own trash bag when you walk along the beach and keep the beach clean.

This beach is clean and pretty, with its soft white sand and the wide coastline where you can go down to the water when the tide is low. You can walk along the coral floor while enjoying the sight of sea weeds and several small fish here and there in the small pools of sea water. There are some modest food stalls where you can have some fish as your lunch. The restrooms are available here although they are not clean enough. The small dirt and rocky road to this beach can be a problem for your car or bus.

It's cleaner than you think. The access to this beach is pretty rough, I recommend only motorcycles and four wheel drive cars should be allowed. There is parking space there. Other things like food and drink stands are also available. Showers as well. The beach itself is really clean. White sands, clear water, and a lot of little creatures hiding behind the rocks. It's all really natural. Although, compared to other beaches, it's quite small, it has everything you want from a simple beach.

Very beautiful, clear crystal turquoise water, not too crowded, pretty landscape. The road to the beach hasn't been paved yet, so its a little tricky to go there using a small car. But still manageable. Or you can take an alternative path from neighboring beach, Drini beach. Park your car at Drini beach and walk from there to Watu Kodok beach.

The story above is some reviews from visitors who come, how? Interested in coming to this place? Follow on maps below.


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